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A: 0.820 in.
B: 1.140 in.
C: 0.700 in.
E: 45 Degrees
F: Hole
G: 24 X 3
K: 0.200 in.
Milltronics BT- 50
Retention Knobs
Made in USA
Retention Knobs
BT - 50
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Milltronics BT- 50
Coolant Thru
Retention Knobs
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Retention Knobs,
Nodicor Brand
Milltronics BT - 50 Coolant Thru Pull Stud
Nodicor RKN-MILLB50HT Product Information:

  • Coolant Hole
  • 8620 Certified Material
  • 32 micro or better Finish
  • Carburized
  • Made In USA
  • Fits most BT-50 Milltronics Machine Models including:
VM25XP, VM30XP, RH33XP, HM70, HMC70
* Please note that retention knobs are not
interchangeable. Serious damage or injury
may result from the use of an incorrect
knob. The end user is responsible for the
verification of the supplied knob(s) for
his/her machine. Please consult your
machine manual or measure one of your
existing knobs to ensure that the proper
replacements are ordered.
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