* Made in the USA *
* Made from 8620 Certified Material.
* Exceeds Industry Tolerance Standards.
* Finished to 32 micro or better.
* Coolant holes are Super Finished, Non-Carburized.
* High quality black oxide treatment to ensure long life.
Depending on machine usage pull studs should
typically be inspected every 1 to 2 years. Any signs of
wear or damage indicate that they should be replaced.
Please note that retention knobs are not
interchangeable. It is the end user's responsibility to
verify the correct knob needed for his/her machine.
Any pull stud with indications of cracking
must be replaced for safety reasons.
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Retention Knobs
Nodicor, LLC
Nodicor Retention Knobs / Pull Studs
Made in USA
Retention Knobs usually ship
1 to 2 Business Days.
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